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Fetching Datasets

Fetching datasets includes options for paging and sorting the results.


For full Datasets reference, see datasets.all().

Create a Concept

Creating a Concept requires the id of the target Dataset as well as the Concept itself. If the Dataset has more than one type, the new Concept must define its type.


For more information, see concepts.create().

Get a Concept

Fetching a concept requires only its id, but related properties can also be included in the results.


For more information, see concepts.get().

Search Concepts

There are a variety ways to target and refine a Concept search and to organise and enhance the results. Each of the following examples can be combined to produce more complex queries.


For full details of query parameters when searching for Concepts, see

Create a new candidate concept

This requires a candidate Concept object in which only the label property is required.


For more information, see candidates.create().