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Data Graphs Javascript SDK is an easy to use client library that provides comprehensive interaction with the Data Graphs API.

You can read more about the Data Graphs API in the Knowledge Base and the API Reference. The Client SDK repo is on GitHub.






Configuration options can either be passed as parameters to the DataGraphs constructor or set as environment variables. To find these values visit the Applications area of the Data Graphs App.

Constructor propertyEnvironment variableDescription
projectIdDATAGRAPHS_PROJECT_IDYour Data Graphs project id
apiKeyDATAGRAPHS_API_KEYYour Data Graphs application API key
clientIdDATAGRAPHS_CLIENT_IDYour Data Graphs application client id
clientSecretDATAGRAPHS_CLIENT_SECRETYour Data Graphs application client secret

Below is an example of passing these parameters to the Data Graphs client constructor: