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Access to the API is granted via an API key and, for private Datasets, an optional set of OAuth credentials. These are unique to each application and bound to the project in which they are created. 

Generating application credentials

To create application credentials, navigate to the Applications screen of your current project. Note this is only accessible by users with one of the roles OwnerAdministrator or Developer.

Click Create New Application to create a new set of API credentials. You must name your application and choose whether it has read access or read/write access to your data:

Generate an OAuth 2.0 token

Once you have your application credentials, you can use them to generate the access token you'll need for calls to private Datasets.

Use the clientId and clientSecret in the body of a request to POST /oauth/token  as follows:

  	  "clientId": "{clientId}", 
  	  "clientSecret": "{clientSecret}"

and don't forget to add a request header for the API Key, e.g.

x-api-key: abcdefg123456kjhgf7654

The response will be in the form:

  	  "access_token": "eyJhbGciOiJSUzI1N.....", 
  	  "expires_in": 86400, "token_type": "Bearer"