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Managing users

Data Graphs users are managed by team members that have either the Owner or Administrator role. To manage your Data Graphs team and users, click on the user icon in the top right of the app nav bar:

From the menu choose Manage Account.

Inviting users

Choose the Invitations link on the left hand menu. Click Invite New Members and then invite a new team member by entering their email address. You can choose the role they will have in your Data Graphs account.

Invitations are time limited, so will expire after 48 hours. If an invitation has expired, you can renew it from this form.You can also delete invitations you no longer need.

Changing a user's role

From the manage account screen click on the Members link in the left hand side menu. From here you see a list of your users, and change their role using the button to the right, selecting a new role from the drop down list presented. Find out here what each role can do.

Deleting a user

You can remove a user's Data Graphs access by using the Remove button on the same form.