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Concept classes

Every Concept in your Data Graphs account is assigned a type or class by you. The class or type describes the semantics of the class of Concept (such as Person, Animal, Organisation, Football Team etc). 

The Concept class confers characteristics upon your data. It also enables you to query, navigate and facet data by class. For example, in the federated search screen there is a class facet presented by default – as shown in the screenshot.

This class facet shows how many Concepts of each type exist in your Datasets, entire knowledge graph or reference data.

By selecting one of the types you can restrict the search results to only Concepts of that type, regardless of which Dataset the Concepts might be present in.

Concept relationships

Concept types are used when creating a property that references or links to another Concept in your domain model. If you specify a specific type in this relationship, Data Graphs understands the range semantics of the relationship and is able to validate and constrain the Concept editor to only allow Concepts of the type you selected.

Managing Concept classes

While you can view and manage Concept classes exist within each Dataset schema, you create and manage classes using the dedicated domain modelling tool accessible from the main account menu called Domain Model. You can visualize the class hierarchy listing the classes across all your Datasets and model.

You can delete an unused Concept type from right hand side bar of the Manage Types screen: