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Team roles

A Data Graphs user is assigned a team role. These roles are:

  • Owner – the person who creates the Data Graphs account is assigned the Owner role, and has super-admin rights to manage the subscription, invite users, manage the account and can perform all available actions. Other users can also be assigned the Owner role, with all the same permissions, although they cannot modify the original owner's role.
  • Administrator  can manage the account, users and all available actions, but cannot manage or see the subscription and billing screens.
  • Developer – can read Datasets and events, write Datasets, export data, manage applications and web hooks to manage API integrations.
  • Editor – can read and write Datasets and Concepts and can export data
  • Data Editor – can read Datasets and write Concepts
  • Viewer – has read only access, can only navigate and view data

You can change a user's role across all projects in the account management Users screen and, for a given project, in the project management Users screen.