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Viewing and modifying a Dataset schema

Once you have created a Dataset you may need to modify its schema, either to add new Concept types to it, or to modify the properties of a Concept within.

To view a Dataset's schema, click the menu icon in the top right of its tile on the relevant project's homepage, and select Manage.

This will take you to the Dataset's Schema screen – a read-only view of the its Concepts and their property definitions:

Editing Concept properties

To edit a Concept's properties click the Edit Schema button in the bottom corner of the Concept details pane. Note, you will not be able to modify the property of a Concept schema if Concept instances already exist for the type you are editing. You can always add more properties to a Concept definition by clicking the + icon to the right of the last property:

Adding a new Concept type to a Dataset

To add a new Concept class/type to a Dataset schema, select a new Concept type from the Add a new type drop list at the top right of the Edit Schema screen. Choose a predefined Concept type, or choose Custom to create one of your own:

You will then be presented with a form to edit the properties of your new Concept.