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Creating a Domain Model

The Domain Model is a set of classes of things within the scope of your project and the relationships between them. The Domain Model describes the data in your knowledge graph. Creating a Domain Model is the first step in building your graph. You can evolve the model later, so don't worry if it not complete the first time.

Domain Modelling 

The Domain Model tool allows you to rapidly build an ontology. Start by adding classes to the canvas representing the types of entities in your domain.

You can make subclasses using the round plus icon on the selected class, and dragging it up to the parent class:

You can make relationship between classes using the middle + icon:

Create data properties using the square + icon and set the property’s data type and  attributes in the form in the right hand column.

Creating Datasets

Once you have saved your model, you can set up Datasets. 

Data Sets are named collections of instance data. These let you organise your data into manageable namespaces. You can create one or more Datasets to hold your data. 

For each Dataset you create you must choose which Classes of entity you want to store in that Dataset.