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What is a Concept?

A Concept is an instance of some thing in your domain. Concepts are the instance data that you populate your knowledge graph or reference data set with. People, places, organisations, tangibles and intangibles that are of relevance to you, your business, or your projects are all Concepts.

Concepts are the instances of things in your domain

In Data Graphs, a Concept has a schema that defines its type (class), its properties and relationships to other Concepts.

When you create a Dataset you define the types of Concepts you want to populate it with. At this point you are able to:

  • select or re-use Concept types you have already defined
  • define new Concept types
  • update the properties of an existing Concept type

All Concepts have an id and a label as fundamental properties. As a user you define whether you want to supply your own the ids (Manual Identifiers) or allow Data Graphs to generate them (Automatic Identifiers). 

All other properties of a Concept are defined by you.

There are several ways of ingesting and maintaining Concepts in Data Graphs :

  • Import Concepts in bulk into a Dataset using the CSV import wizard 
  • Import Concepts via the Data Graphs API
  • Manually create and update Concepts using the Data Graphs user interface