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Language Tagged Strings

Data Graphs supports internationalized / language tagged strings - conforming to the RDF and ISO standards for lang tagged literals.

To use lang tagged string literals, the datatype of the property must be set to text and the option for Multiple Languages turned on:

options for langage tagged strings

When editing a concept or entity that has a text field configured for multiple languages, you get to choose the language code of the text you enter, choose which language string should be presented as the default, and optionally add additional strings for the same text field for other languages:

When querying properties that have multiple languages via the API, the response conforms to the JSON-LD specification for language tagged string literals, for the above example, your JSON will look like:

  "displayName": {
    "en": "house",
    "fr": "maison",
    "es": "casa",
    "de": "Haus",
    "@none": "house"
  "type": "Building",
  "id": "urn:demo:Building:0TSINGXVpT3rQCxjnLJ9cs"

When using the API you can request data in all languages or a specified language using:

  • a lang query parameter, passing the language code, or * for all languages
  • the Accept-Language request header with the language code or * as the value