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A guide to managing your data with Data Graphs

Client SDK

Installation and configuration, plus function definitions


API docs including sample responses and query patterns

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Building a knowledge graph

If your data has more complex relationships than simple lists or collections, it is useful to design a domain model as it will help your define your Datasets. Designing a domain model You can create

What is a Dataset?

A Dataset is a namespace or bucket for collecting or grouping Concepts together. Data Graphs' project homepage shows all the project's Datasets as cards where you can see the number and types of

About the API

The Data Graphs API is a REST API that allows you to interact with your data, letting you query, retrieve, filter, facet, and sort Concepts from your Datasets. You can also access individual Datasets

Managing users

Data Graphs users can be added to an account, assigned roles and removed from an account. They can also be added to individual projects. Team members must have either the Owner or Administrator role